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About XD Design & LOOOQS

XD DESIGN How thoughtful! People look for connections. Giving a gift, whether it is material or otherwise, creates a stronger bond between people. When chosen and presented well, gifts work like nothing else. I provide the perfect gift to give. When the perfect gift is given, often the receiver beams with the phrase, “how thoughtful”. When given an XD Design item, this phrase is expressed long before the point at which the gift is given. A gift from XD Design is a gift that you would enjoy to give. A gift you would be happy to receive, and gladly use in everyday life. I want to delight through thoughtful gifts. How thoughtful is the designer to create features that increase the ease and delight of using everyday products. How thoughtful is the decision to make a positive impact on our environment. How thoughtful is it to create a collection of gifts that are both desirable and accessible. View the XD Design Catalog

LOOOQS Loooqs offers a wide range of useful and practical gifts at an affordable price. You can find the perfect gift for every occasion in our assortment. We offer you a large range of solar products and multimedia accessories for either at home or in the office. They are essential items you love to give but also love to receive! This collection has been carefully selected and packaged to create a great impact when the products are presented through in-store displays. They are also packaged in an individual packaging. View the LOOOQS Catalog