About Nooz Optics

Glasses that simplify everyday life

Since 2015, Nooz has been developing a collection of ready-to-wear eyewear to simplify the eyesight of everyone. Each product bring innovation in terms of ease of use, durability and protection of your eyes. The collection includes reading glasses, sunglasses, anti-blue light protection and more recently a collection for children.

At Nooz, our first goal is to create high quality products, while remaining accessible with the right price.

Looking at the optical world from a different angle allows Nooz to stay ahead of the game. The consumer is the brand's source of inspiration. It is concerned with them, it creates for them.

Each technical innovation is a step forward, allowing for greater ease of use, real solidity of the products, long life and the best protection for your eyes.

The Nooz collection is designed for all needs.

Reading glasses collection

Thin, comfortable and light, for your daily life. All this in only 14 mm thick, including the case.

Anti-blue light collection

Designed for your daily life.

Ultra-protective lenses, 17 grams on the nose, no screws. It's simple, but it changes everything.

Sunglasses collection

An essential ally for summer.

An ultra-flat case, 17 grams on the nose, no screws. It's very simple but it changes everything.

Kids collection

Ultra-fashionable, comfortable and super-strong protection for our children's eyes! Available in sunglasses and blue light versions from 3 years old.