About Homewick

Homewick was established in 2020 and has quickly become a popular candle brand in the UK with glowing 5 star reviews, a strong social media presence and high customer retention rates. Homewick was founded by David after being made redundant due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Having spent a fortune on candles and being disappointed with the quality or poor aesthetics and unimpressive fragrance, David decided to make his own. After finding a winning formula he began producing them to rave reviews and Homewick was born! With a focus on eco-friendly, cruelty free and sustainability, each product is hand-poured to create a luxurious and high quality experience. We use soy wax which is slow burning, has high scent retention and maximises scent throw as well as being vegan and eco-friendly. We have also begun partnering with another small business to produce our Roo & Bear collection where is container is handmade and completely individual. Made from jesmonite, these are incredibly eco-friendly and durable offering the opportunity to be used as a plant pot or alike once the Homewick flame has burnt out.