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Another Me by The Wow Effect Company
Pujades 51 Box 13 08005 Barcelona Spain

About Another Me by The Wow Effect Company

ANOTHER ME is part of the Wow Effect Company!

Another Me is a brand that aims to normalize mental wellness and create a new era of well-being for younger generations.

Elodie Deviras, co-founder of Another Me, is a French woman living in Barcelona. She is an entrepreneur and a mum to two kids. Throughout the last 15 years, in conjunction with her husband, she has created several lifestyle brands.

Living a fast-paced life and finding no time to rest, she was completely overwhelmed by work, and daily life stressors. In addition to her responsibilities to family and kids, she also felt theconstant pressure to always give 100% of herself and act as arole model to others. One day, she woke up and felt it was time toreconnect with herself again; to regain the inner peace and sparkthat was slowly being extinguished by her hectic pace of life.

In her quest for well-being, she discovered ‘The Work’ by Byron Katie. The Work is meditation. It is a method of self-inquiry that allows you to access the wisdom that has always existed within you,by identifying and questioning any stressful thoughts. It instantly felt like Magic! Katie had truly lived an experience of enlightenment and was altruistically sharing it with the world. Elodie was introduced to the practice of ‘The Work’ by Elma Roura, a Spanish facilitator who also served as an intense revelation for her. This practice has been a life-changing experience for Elodie. Since then, her joy and strength have persisted. It is so deeply engrained, that she knows it will stay with her indefinitely. This is her essence now.

After years of experiencing a state of true well-being in her life, (that feeling of deep and unshakable inner peace that allows us to live and enjoy reality as it truly is) and “Loving what it is” as Katie refers to in her book, she decided to implement all of this knowledge and experience into her professional life, in order to share it with the world; and creating what her and her husband do best… Gifts with Soul.

This is what Another Me is about. A series of gifts that invite you to live an experience centered on a quest towards mental wellness, in order to ultimately reconnect you with your own inner peace and feel good every day. They are gifts with a message and purpose, addressing different topics such as healthy lifestyles, mindfulness, and acceptance from a fresh, modern, and optimistic perspective. Through its collections, Another Me means to be the voice of a new generation, who want to create a better world and make self-care and mental wellness a priority.

The brand Another Me is actively contributing to the promotion of well-being in our society by donating a portion of our proceeds to various worldwide mental health organizations.

Welcome to our world of wellness experiences! We thank you for dropping by and hope you will enjoy the ride!

ANOTHER ME can be ordered together with the brands DOIY and EAT MY SOCKS.